Workflow Management

Success is based on luck and personalities if you don’t have repeatable processes integrated in our business. And relying on luck and personalities isn’t success. And whatever business you have this holds true. There must be a “your way” to how you do you work to uphold your standards, increase your efficiencies and quality of work. Once you have your processes developed, ChloeWorks Workflow Manager helps you get those processes into repeatable groups of tasks, or a Process Work Flow so that each time the work is done, it is done the same way, in the same order at the same time.

ChloeWorks Workflow Manager allows you to:

  • Create processes as task groups
  • Assign entire processes or individual tasks within a process to any user in your organization
  • Track the progress and time of processes being executed
  • Create and alter process workflows
  • Integrate these workflow’s into Chloe Task Manager
  • What is a workflow? A workflow is simply a way you execute an activity. Things like creating and distributing a weekly report, changing a customer’s oil, onboarding a new client, creating a new advertisement etc. There are steps within each of those, and the processes you already use, that you can group together into one “workflow”.

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