Task Management

You can't make adjustments to your work to increase productivity if you and your teams aren't keeping track of the work you are doing


  • Task creation and management
  • Team task creation and management
  • Task reporting
  • Task Category tracking and reporting
  • Team task reporting
  • Daily Task Emails
  • Daily Team Task Reporting
  • Multiple Task Uploads
  • Duplicate and Recurring Task Creation

Task management is more than simply remembering to create a task for yourself so you don’t forget to do something. It’s about being able to easily add the tasks and work you need to be doing AND allow yourself to review, track and analyze the work you are doing, the time it takes to do the work and what categories of work you are doing. Why? So that you can find efficiencies in your work, identify work that you aren’t doing enough of and work you shouldn’t be doing as much of. Basically, it helps you be much more efficient.

Chloe Task Manager allows you to:

  • Easily create tasks through our web and mobile interface
  • Create recurring tasks
  • Upload multiple tasks at a time
  • Track and analyze tasks
  • Analyze and report on task categories
  • Assign tasks to other team members
  • Receive a morning task schedule via email
  • View all complete or incomplete tasks for a given time frame
  • Analyze team tasks

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