Feed Assembler

We look for any and all ways we can build tools to make our clients and us more efficient. And this is how the Chloe Feed Assembler came about. Many of our affiliate management clients at JEBCommerce simply did not have the means, time or resources to build their own product datafeeds for networks like Rakuten LinkShare, CJ by Conversant, ShareASale, AvantLink, Google Shopping and more. We solved that problem with the Feed Assembler.

The Chloe Feed Assembler is a tool that allows any advertiser to create a product data feed to use on almost any Affiliate Network or Shopping Aggregator with almost no effort, resources and time from you. We’ve worked tirelessly to make the data feed collection and creation process literally painless and quick. The Chloe Feed Assembler creates a product data feed seemingly out of thin air and uploads them to the network of your choice. No tech resources needed!

Visit the Feed Assembler’s website for more information.