The importance of Processes and Reporting – ChloeWorks’ Process Workflow

It may have been quiet on the blog front, but that is the only place you may have heard crickets around ChloeWorks!  We have been hard at work releasing the finishing touches on our Least Viable product, specifically within the only task management and Process Workflow manager on the net.  We’ve released the Process Workflow Manager now to a select group of clients and are so excited at the results.  But what and why?

For any business where you perform activities more than once, whether you run an Auto Shop, Book Store, Marketing Agency or any other service organization, you need a way to outline the proper tasks needed to be completed for a giving activity and report on those tasks.  ChloeWorks does that, no one else does.

Years ago I read a book recommended to me by one of our best clients ever, The EMyth Revisited.  This book threw my thinking of how my business should run on its ear.  The premise of the book, and forgive me for butchering it, was that EVERY business could utilize processes in their day to day operation and they would be more profitable for it.  It also showed that there wasn’t a “gene” possessed by great entrepreneurs, anyone could do it.  Thus debunking the E-myth.  Good companies become great companies by implimenting, to some degree, processes.  Think of how Mcdonald’s or Wendy’s works in the kitchen…

As the processes become more clearly defined, and written down, your work force is freed up to perform their work at a greater capacity (no longer recreating the same process over and over again) and to continue to innovate and find more efficiencies.  And as those processes become defined, refined and written down, business owners can train new employees faster, move the unskilled work to lower cost employees and do more with less.

But it left us manually ensuring that the processes were being completed.  We used print outs, excel sheets and weekly meetings to follow up with staff.

Can you guess how often I actually knew how far along a process my employees actually were?  Rarely, and when I did it was when I used print-outs, meetings and excel sheets.

We needed something more, and that is where ChloeWorks comes in.  ChloeWorks’ new Process Workflow Manager is the only task management system that allows business owners to create lists of tasks (Process Workflows) and deploy them to their employees to integrate into their daily task lists AND report on exactly how far along each process is and who is in charge of the remaining items left to complete!

It’s one thing to have a process outlined, we used a corporate wiki for years, it’s another to have an efficient means to assign each task within a group to the proper team member and then receive reports, and access them in real time, on what is complete, what is waiting on outside individuals and what still needs to be done.  Getting all of that seamlessly and with little administration time is now achievable with ChloeWorks.

It’s quite simple.  Create your new Workflow, add a name, description and notes.  Then add as many tasks with descriptions, categories and priorities as you need to.  ChloeWorks can handle as many tasks as you need to write.  Then, when your employee needs to make sure that Workflow is completed and needs to add all those tasks to the team’s task lists, they simple click on that Workflow and click Generate Tasks – it’s as simple as that.  Those tasks are then integrated into the reporting engine.

Task creation.  Task Grouping.  Process Workflows.  Reporting.  More insight – More efficiencies – More work completed – More satisfied customers – More profit.  ChloeWorks FTW!

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