ChloeWorks – Workflow Management and Reporting – The Beginning Part II

This is the second and final part of the series.  If you missed the first part you should read it here.

So, let’s start off with this:  ChloeWorks is the only tool that combines Contact and Customer Relationship Management with Team task and WorkFlow Management plus Aggregated Revenue Reporting – and frankly, we’re not done yet!

So let’s continue to lay out the different modules we have created and deployed to solve some of the issues we were having.  Those issues were mainly:

  1. During the course of our work for our clients, we contacted a lot of people – websites, bloggers, press etc.  We needed to keep track of those conversations, the results of those conversations and who was having them.
  2. Reporting – we worked with many different sales, fullfillment, analysis, online marketing and other sales type of systems to track, report and pay out on ad spends for our clients and to our clients.
  3. Productivity – We really needed a way to determine just what activities our team was performing that produced results and which ones didn’t.
  4. Workflow – We have a way of doing things and we needed to be sure those processes and workflows were easily implemented, tracked and completed.
  5. Client Management – Our agency needs to track many different data points for all our clients.  We needed a way to do this quickly and efficiently.
  6. Cooperative Work – Many of our clients work with us on their campaigns or we work with multiple agencies and organizations on the same projects.  How do we do the work, keep track of the workflow together, maintain high quality processes and output and track and report.

The solution was ChloeWorks, a 8+ Module Workflow Management, CRM, Revenue Reporting and Analysis Tool.  Designed to work like no other software, enabled your business to increase the amount of work done by your team without adding more staff, more resources and more costs.

Scalability is finally here for your service organization, agency or any type of business.

It’s depicted below.


We developed our system in modules as you can see above.  All of these modules keep track of different aspects of the work that we do, and most likely, the work that you do.

We have over 8 modules that work together to get the most out of every resource, employee and input you have and each module is independent.  If there is an issue with one, the others aren’t effected.  Show me software that does works like that with the sophistication and functionality of ChloeWorks.

And we released these modules in the following order:

The first need we had was to find a better way to track all the different data points for our clients.  Simple things such as addresses and contact info, but also campaign level details.  But there are always more things you need to keep track of.  Because Chloe is intended to enable all our teams to work better together, and to assist each other on all client campaigns, we needed this module to keep track of all the pertinent details so that anyone in our company could “move the ball forward” for each client.  So campaign details, payout details, shipping, promotional, merchandise, inventory and sales details are covered in this module.  And it is customizable to keep track of just about any input you can come up with.  Oh, and it keeps track of every email exchange between client and agency as well as every email exchange on behalf of the client.  There is way more, but this blog post is not going to be a dissertation.


In the last blog post you read about my need to manage and track the inputs of our company and measure against the outputs to find efficiencies.  Task management is one very efficient way you can track the inputs within a service agency.  This module allows us to schedule and report on the actual work done on a given account or compaign and make that available to managers within the agency as well as to clients.  We are able to track the category of work being done and compare that with other data points to truly see if the work being done is the right work and having a positive effect for our clients.

Have you been trying to determine which employees are just killin’ it and which ones are slacking?

We needed a tool that allowed us to directly look at the work being by done by each employee and identify employees that need more training, more motivation or simply their walking papers.  You won’t find a system that allows you this insight plus all the other things ChloeWorks does.


The ability to group contacts, websites, bloggers, press and other groups in our tool has proven to be exceptional.  The List Manager in ChloeWorks does just that and more.  Clients wanted to see who we were having conversations with, how those relate to each other and how those conversations are progressing to their desired goal – for most of our clients it was a fully optimized sales stream through each of these partners.  But individual stats only provided so much, we needed to know how groups of contacts were performing.  “How is the mommy bloggers list performing” and questions like that became normal.  Our List Manager allows us to track all of that and report on progress better than anything out there available.


Following a relationship, whether it be business or personal :), can be daunting.  As a service organization, we were, and are, constantly asked where a given relationship is.  In the past, we had to go through email, comb the interwebs of our brains, look at excel spreadsheets or guess as to the nature, and progress of a given relationship for our clients, let alone report on hundreds or thousands of individual relationships.  The need to track, report, measure and tweak this “engagement level” became increasingly important.  Our Engagement Manager allows us to do that on a global scale.  No more balancing email send boxes with spreadsheets to keep track of hundreds or thousands of relationships.


In my other life, sales is the name of the game.  We drove sales, leads and orders for clients through over 20 different networks, tools, and software that tracked those sales and other direct sales-type of actions.  But those networks and tools never seemed to provide the correct looks at the data, nor did they work with each other to aggregate one client’s campaigns across multiple networks into one report.  So we ended up using spreadsheets to report sales growth to our clients.  While this worked, it looked a bit Mickey Mouse and grade-school.  We needed a solution that looked professional, provided clearer and more insightful data to our clients and to the agency as a whole and aggregated sales and performance data from multiple networks AND back end analytics systems.  It took a while to integrate this data, but we now have either integrated or can integrate any network or analytics package through 5 different methods.  This module alone saves each person 5-10 hours per week.  Until now, you couldn’t buy that kind of efficiency.


My father is from the world of manufacturing.  He has run some of the best manufacturers in the country and has always touted the value of processes, continuous improvement and measuring the effectiveness of these processes.  I always told him “dad, it’s a marketing agency, we aren’t making widgets, that stuff doesn’t apply to us.”  Yeah, I was wrong.  I realized, after far too many years, we needed processes, that there was a way my company did EVERYTHING and those ways need to be documented and ensured that they were executed.  The Workflow Manager of ChloeWorks allows us to develop our processes, incorporate them in our task manager, and ensure that each team does things our way, every. single. time.  Every client receives the same great service, and every team is able to do the same amazing things for any clients, whether it’s the ones they are working on, or they are filling in for another.


At this point we had so much within ChloeWorks that we were able to put together more detailed reports than simply sales.  Now we could report on our inputs, not just revenue performance data.  And the power of ChloeWorks was unleashed.  Every single item that is within ChloeWorks above, can be sliced and diced and compared to all the revenue data in a number of different ways.  Want to see how team A’s outreach has been doing compared to their sales numbers?  We can do that.  Want to see how the number of phone calls vs. emails affects traffic driven to a client’s site.  We, I mean she, can do that.  How does a custom data point in the Client Manager relate to conversion rate, average order size or new customer acquisition, done.  You now have access to multiple KPI’s across multiple teams, accounts, and well just about everything.  True performance indicators are now available, and that has never happened before.  Was this a time saver?  Heck yeah – we eliminated 10% of the things we were doing simply because they didn’t help us reach our clients’ goals.  We found unnecessary tasks, removed them and moved on.


With the foundation for ChloeWorks set, we could move on to more pressing problems.  Being a marketing, and a direct marketing agency at that, it was imperative that we reported data to our clients, not just from third parties and our agency, but also from their reporting mechanism, mainly analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Ominture, Coremetrics and more.  It’s important to have things match up with each other, bring in more data at a deeper level and compare against actual customer data.  We now bring in that data to add color to sales and revenue numbers.  Boom, Winning!


Outreach via email is vital to any service agency, especially PR, Social Media, Advertising and Performance Marketing.  But we kept running into the issue of 8 different people needing to contact the same person and one team needing to contact thousands of individuals or organizations in a short period of time.  We had to push out email more quickly, but continue to be able to customize those emails, include information consistently in all of them, and get them out in a way that would not be considered spam.  Our outreach tool works with our Task Manager, List Manager and Engagement Manager to do just that.  We breeze through lists with custom and vital information to partners at a rate ten times that of copying and pasting content into emails with lists tracked on a spreadsheet – and our engagement is always updated!

So you can see, what started out as a simple reporting layer, turned into a workflow efficiency tool that provides more functionality and utility than any other combining many different areas into one tool.  And it all filters down to reporting.  You have to know what your agency is doing and how that effects your clients’ goals.  Only ChloeWorks does that.

Why is all this important?  We basically removed 10 hours of work per week per employee.

That turns out to be 520 hours of labor per year per employee or the equivalent of 2 more full time employees with no additional cost.  We offer scalability and effeciency through ChloeWorks that you can’t find anywhere.


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