About Us

ChloeWorks began as a simple question: “How can we tell what our employees are doing and what activities lead to success for them, our company and our clients?”. Back in 2008, there didn’t seem to be a software solution that allowed us to track the work we did in our agency, JEBCommerce, enable us to work better and more efficiently and report on those activities. We asked the above question to a genius programmer. After two full days of brainstorming we came up with 5 different modules we needed to create to make our agency more efficient and to empower our employees to do more work, more quickly at a higher quality, all while reporting on these activities so that we could fine tune our work. Ultimately, we needed tools. And ChloeWorks was born.

We focused initially in two areas: a fully functioning CRM system and aggregated revenue reporting. Since then we have expanded into some amazing areas.

Now ChloeWorks continues our focus on efficiency by designing, creating and offering online tools to allow any business, small or large, to do more work, track that work, refine that work and be more efficient. And when you and your teams are more efficient, profit follows.